Drum Solo Inspiration

Here are some great drum solo choreographies that will help when choreographing a drum solo for yourself. Hopefully it will inspire you to continue work on drum solos.

This is the great Sabrina. She is a very good example of the less is more principle to drum solos. A big mistake with choreographing drum solos is the misconception that you have to fill every drum beat with a movement. Keep it simple and good. Do not over layer because it will be too much for the audience (and you).

The lovely Sadie! This drum solo is an example of choosing a good piece of music with great variation (even better if you can work with a live drummer). Some drum solo pieces are over done. If you want to be innovative then you should stay away from most tablas. Sadie also shows a good use of rhythm variation with a certain movement. A choreographer does not have to change the step every time there is a change in the music. It is just as impressive to take the previous step and put it to the next rhythm.

This video is a great tribal variation of a drum solo. It is a great example of how a group can perform this type of piece. I enjoy the spacing and body direction of the dancers as well as the choreography.

What can I say about Zoe Jakes … she is the reigning queen of tribal fusion drum solos. Zoe is a great example of how to use tribal movement and perform a piece that is truly her style. I am inspired!

– Nara

Who inspires you as a performer? 


About Tiger Claw Dance

I am a middle eastern dancer with a background in many forms of dance. I love dance and belly dance.

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  1. sad to say i really suck at drum solos. i usually lose the beat at some part in the song and most of the time i’m left blah. it just doesn’t enter me the same way other music does.

    who inspires me??? there are too many good ones to choose just one. hahaha! so, i’ll give my top 5: rachel brice, anaisis, sofia sarkisyan, nava aharoni, and gal shimron for (impromptu un-choreographed pieces)

  2. While they’re all inspiring (and good) I don’t think anyone moves quite like Sadie. 🙂

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