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My Video Choreography Challenge Week 1

As promised here is my choreography challenge for week 1. The goal for week one was to pick 10 moves from my favorite videos on youtube and put them into a piece. It ended up more modern fusion then I had planned, but I really liked it at the end.

And here is what I did to make it: At the start of each description is a time marked in bold this is for the timing of that move in my video above. 

0:20  The first moved I used was from Tjarda. She is a Dutch dancer who excels at fusion. She does this handstand leg move at 1:15 in this video.

0:30, 1:15  The next move is from Urban Tribal Company. I am using a turn that they do at 1:07. I also use a table-top-lean done at 2:43.

0:37, 1:20 I used two moves from the amazing Kami Liddle. I loved her chest-step-touch combo at 1;05 and her shoulder pops into a back bend at 3:57.

0:49, 2:47  Unmata has some wonderful steps. I used there quick paddle-turns at 0:53 and their swaying hips into jazz style pose at 2:03.

1:06  This move is a wonderful turn from famous Korean dancer Jinhee Kim. She end her first dance with it at 1:55.

2:05  There is a wonderful a back bend floor combo from the Belly Dance Superstars. It is a duet of Zoe Jakes & Elizabeth Strong. Check out the move at 0:40.

2:33 I complete the collection by using a step from Indigo (Rachel Brice’s Troupe). It is a hip, turn and shimmy combo  found at 1:09.


Reflections: This challenge is very good for expanding your movement base. I find that every piece I do always seems to have the same 5 steps and this process has helped me step out of that. Try the challenge. Let me know how it goes for you.



Being Strong, Powerful and Sexy as a Dancer

I have recently been inspired by the TEDx video from Jennifer Siebel Newson and it got me thinking about my place as a powerful women.

This video is great because it points out so wonderfully how the media degrades women everyday in subtle and not so subtle ways. As I thought about this, I considered what this means for me as a dancer/performer.

Lets face it belly dancing is a sexual dance. It is about the female form in all its beauty. I feel that what I do is sexy, and I like that. I also feel that we as belly dancers do so much more. We are powerful women. Belly dance is a style of dance that is about loving your body and how it expresses the music. Though this is not how the media portrays it. For me belly dancing is about being powerful and saying this is who I am. I am wonderful! Sure belly dance has cute costumes and sure we do sexy movement, but I feel that real sex appeal comes from the confidence and power that a strong dancer shows.

The take home message is that the dance is about you. It is about what you do and who you are. It is not about the people in that audience that you think you need to impress. When it comes down to it, I dance for me and that is powerful.



Week 2: Choreography Challenge

I hope you have finished your week one choreography, because it is time to move on to week two.

Beginner Track:

1. Pick a song for your first piece and listen to it a lot. 2. Organize footwork. 3. Adjust the two combinations to fit the first 1-2 min of the song. 4. Write them down.

The goal for this set is to get a feel for the music that you have picked. The best way to get comfortable with a piece of music is to listen to it. When I am going to dance to a song I will listen to it 5-10 times. I will get to know it. Put it on repeat in the car while your driving (this is not the time to dance) or while you clean the house. Get the song in your brain.

Next step is to organize your footwork. Sit down with you notebook and listen to your song. As you listen, draw the path on the stage that you would take while dancing. You can break up your path by counts or by parts of the song. This is an important step to help give your dance some movement. Once you have the footwork, adjust your two combinations from last week into the middle of the song. We will work on the beginning and the end next week.

Lastly write down the dance steps you have put together. You can you use any words or drawings you want, but please write it down. I find writing down choreography helps with memorization and organization. It is also a good habit to start.

Advanced Track: Fun Music Challenge

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Choose a song that you love (I mean can’t get enough of) and choreograph to it. I want you the step outside your comfort zone and choose a song that is different. Some examples are the new pop or rock song on the radio, a 70s acoustic folk song, and classical music. This is not the kinda of piece that you may use for a performance, but this is a chance to experiment with different styles and different moves. Ideally you want a song the really inspires you and then let the creativity flow. Have fun with this one I hope to see some of your work (if your willing) on facebook.


I want to apologize. Due to technical difficulties it may be a little while before I can get my choreography video for week one online. I will post it as soon as possible.