How to Break Choreographer’s Block

If you have ever studied choreography with me, you would know that I always consider choreographing like writing. So many of the connections hold true. Just as a writer gets ‘writer’s block,’ a choreographer gets ‘choreographer’s block’. So here are some tricks that I use when I feel lacking in inspiration.

5 ways to get over your Choreographer’s block

  1. Youtube Trek – I am giving you permission to go on facebook or youtube and just spend some time looking at dancers that you love and inspire you (don’t just message your friends). I will even create a playlist of dancers I love that I go back to when I need a reminder of what I love. The second part of this is to not get discouraged by the amazing things you see. Don’t starting thinking, “I’ll never do that”. Instead write down 1 or 2 things that you love and could achieve. This is often enough to jump start you into creativity.
  1. Improvisation to any music – I have a playlist of music I love, regardless of style. This has rock, pop, Kpop, arabic music, classical and electronic. All these songs are songs I love- pick songs you love too! Most of them would never make a good performance piece, but who cares. Put the music on and start dancing. This technique helps remind me why I love dancing. I will even put a short combo together which I can use to start my next choreography.
  1. List of steps – I make a list of my favorite steps and randomly (I mean completely randomly) put them together. Often the transitions don’t quite work and the combo is a bit crazy, but it’s usually enough for me to start back on the track to creating.
  1. Take a class/do a video class – Go take a dance class. Something new from a different teacher. If you do not have a wealth of new things in your area to try then look for a new DVD or online class. A different style or a different choreography can be a real eye opener. A change can be as good as a break.
  1. Talk to your dance friends – Be social and talk to your dance friends. You don’t have to talk about your choreographer’s block, just anything dance related. Good company is soul filling. So spend some time with people you love in a stress free environment and that is often enough to break you out of your slump.


  1. Change your environment – If you always choreograph in the same room, then change it. A new environment can change your perspective. Give it a try!

Do you have any suggestions of ways to get over choreographer’s block? I would love to hear from you!



The Traveling Belly Dance – Laos


Laos … what a simply beautiful country. We only had the time to check out the Capital City of Vientiene and it was like going 50 years back in time. Life is simplier here…easier, less rushed. It was exactly what I need after a month of training. I needed to relax.

As dancers we find ourselves running around. There is always another gig or another job. This is why it is important to schedule down time in your week and overall in your life.

More to come,

The Traveling Belly Dancer – Leaving the Island


I have left Koh Pangnan island in Thailand full of yoga and ready to keep traveling. Next stop is Loas to celebrate being a fully certified yoga teacher. Getting off the island is harder then I realized. We are taking a truck out of Haad Tien beach, than a boat to Koh Samui, followed by a flight to Bangkok and then a train to Laos. Fun day. Lots of traveling!!!

Now that this course is over, I found at the end of this time I understood more about yoga then ever before (which I expected). I also understand how much more I still need to learn. This samething happened to me after taking the Aubre Hill workshops. It is true wisdom to understand your ignorance on a subject and grasp the idea for the journey. With yoga and belly dance knowledge is a life long journey…I am ready to start!

More to come,