Sept is about Veils

This month we will be focusing on veils and their use in belly dance. There are many kinds of veils that are used in this dance form and they vary a great deal depending on the style of dance being performed.

Types of Veil Work (just to name a few):

Single veil:

This is the most common and most traditional of the veil work. In oriental dance it ia common for a dancer to enter with the veil, dance for 20-30 sec with the veil and then drop it on the side of the stage. It can be used as an opening embellishment or for an entire piece. Single veil work ia ideal for beginner dancers because it is easy to learn the basics and make a dancer look very good with simple movements.

The great Shems doing veil

Double Veil –

This is the next step up from single veil. It is a fair bit more difficult, but is wonderful for an audience. While having two veils can open up a world of movement, it can also limit some moves that you can usually only do with single veil. It is important to practice with double veil for a fair amount of time before performing. Practicing in costume is a must. With double veil a fair amount of turning is involved and that is often the hardest part to master. As with so many things, turning becomes easier with practice.

Petite Jamila doing double veil

Veil Poi –

Veil poi originates from Polynesian poi dancing. There are many variations. This style of veil is more commonly used in tribal as it is not a traditional oriental way of using the veil. Poi veil usually involves a veil attached to a weight on a string (chain). A small light veil is ideal for poi and silk veil is prefered as both increase the ability for the veil to flow. When practicing this style it is good to practice without the veil to start. This will be less frustrating and helps the dancer get the motion of the poi movements before adding the veil.

Anthea doing veil poi

Fan Veil –

This is variation is pretty easy for beginners and quite sassy. Fan veil usually has a wooden fan with a silk veil attached to the fan blades which can extend several feet away from the fan. This style is great for a burlesque style flare or an Asian fusion. It is usually very cute and can be done with one or two veils.

Tanna Valentine doing veil fan.

Try something new and have fun.


Are there any veil styles that you prefer?

About Tiger Claw Dance

I am a middle eastern dancer with a background in many forms of dance. I love dance and belly dance.

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  1. These were great videos. Thanks for posting. I personally am way impressed by poi spinners, but I thought the fan veiler did the best job in this lineup. And the double double veil was great too! 🙂

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