August is all about the Warm-up

Sorry I didn’t get this to everyone sooner. The last month has been crazy with traveling. I hope to post a lot in the next week or so.

This month (August)  is all about the warm-up. I find that this is the most important part of any class.

What I like to include in my warm-up:

Breath and Movement: I like to start with some basic movements the incorporate breathe. This will help the dancers connect to their body in multiple ways.

Stretching: The next step is to stretch the muscles in the body. This is something that is very important for all types of athletic activity. No stretching = injury. I often use yoga in the section as it a way to stretch and incorporate breathe.

Conditioning: This is the part of the warm-up that focuses on strengthening the muscles that we use for dance. For a weekly class I will usually keep some exercises the same and mix it up a bit with others. I commonlt use sit-ups and glut squats in this section.

Isolations: Isolations are movement practice that focus on a single part of the body. If the head is moving then the rest of the body stays still. This can be done with almost any body part and it helps a dancer learn control of the body parts. Isolations are used in many forms of dance, but are extremely important in belly dance.

Things I sometimes add: If it is a longer class for if it applies to the lesson of the day I will often add ballet, modern or hip hop warm-up exercises. This usually goes in the isolation or conditioning section. Also I will focus my isolations on a specific movement that we may be learning that day. This helps to connect the various parts of the class.

More to come.


Are there any things you like to have in your warm-up?

About Tiger Claw Dance

I am a middle eastern dancer with a background in many forms of dance. I love dance and belly dance.

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