My Video Choreography Challenge Week 1

As promised here is my choreography challenge for week 1. The goal for week one was to pick 10 moves from my favorite videos on youtube and put them into a piece. It ended up more modern fusion then I had planned, but I really liked it at the end.

And here is what I did to make it: At the start of each description is a time marked in bold this is for the timing of that move in my video above. 

0:20  The first moved I used was from Tjarda. She is a Dutch dancer who excels at fusion. She does this handstand leg move at 1:15 in this video.

0:30, 1:15  The next move is from Urban Tribal Company. I am using a turn that they do at 1:07. I also use a table-top-lean done at 2:43.

0:37, 1:20 I used two moves from the amazing Kami Liddle. I loved her chest-step-touch combo at 1;05 and her shoulder pops into a back bend at 3:57.

0:49, 2:47  Unmata has some wonderful steps. I used there quick paddle-turns at 0:53 and their swaying hips into jazz style pose at 2:03.

1:06  This move is a wonderful turn from famous Korean dancer Jinhee Kim. She end her first dance with it at 1:55.

2:05  There is a wonderful a back bend floor combo from the Belly Dance Superstars. It is a duet of Zoe Jakes & Elizabeth Strong. Check out the move at 0:40.

2:33 I complete the collection by using a step from Indigo (Rachel Brice’s Troupe). It is a hip, turn and shimmy combo  found at 1:09.


Reflections: This challenge is very good for expanding your movement base. I find that every piece I do always seems to have the same 5 steps and this process has helped me step out of that. Try the challenge. Let me know how it goes for you.



About Tiger Claw Dance

I am a middle eastern dancer with a background in many forms of dance. I love dance and belly dance.

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