February is the Month for Zills

This is Nara from Tiger Claw Dance. My New Years resolution this year is to focus on a different skill each month. I want to focus on something that I feel like I really need work on. This is a great thing to do as a dancer (any kind of dancer). We all have things we can work on. So I am going to spend the month of Febuary annoying my neighbors and definitely the people in the apartment below me so that I can work on zills. For anyone following me on twitter last month I focused on shimmies.

Zills are great for all forms of belly dance and they are strongly used in tribal improvisational style. I feel that every belly dancer needs to work on zills. So grab a pair and start practicing.

For the Beginner: Start with the basic triplet alternating hands. This is usually done starting on the right.

1 (right), 2(left), 3(right)

1 (right), 2(left), 3(right)

1 (right), 2(left), 3(right)

1 (right), 2(left), 3(right)

– then switch hands

A little more Advanced: Work on the military and baladi rhythms.

Military – triplet, triplet, 7 alternating singles

Baladi – 1, 2, triplet  5, triplet

The Hard Stuff: Layer, Layer, Layer

Try zills with all of your favorite steps. Than try adding a shimmy.

Let me know if you have questions or comments.


About Tiger Claw Dance

I am a middle eastern dancer with a background in many forms of dance. I love dance and belly dance.

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